Our new Baby Arm Chair and Girls Inc. What is the connection?





Help us welcome our new addition, our Baby Arm Chair! We are excited and already falling in love with this little seen Pilates Apparatus.  Why is this on the bottom of the list of equipment that Pilates studios(mine included) get?  This piece of equipment is AMAZING in getting you to connect to your Powerhouse. Don't let the baby in the name fool you!

But we are too excited to keep the exitement to ourselves. We want to share it with you and to include a favorite organization. We are taking this opportunity to benefit Girls Inc. This organization has an exceptional  track record of helping girls since 1961.  

Click here to find out more on what Girls Inc. does


During the week of Nov 10-15th, we will be offering 15 minute sessions to introduce you to our new chair and helping Girls Inc at the same time. This will be on a donation based fee ($15 suggested). 15 minutes does not sound like a long time, but we quarantee it will leave you quivering! This is appropriate for all- the strong, the fit, Pilates enthusiasts and Pilates newbies.  It is gentle enough for those with injuries that might make it difficult to do other exercise but challenging enough for the fit and strong. A very versatile piece of equipment!

We will have all our  instructors available during this week to accommodate as many people coming in as possible. Pilates Chattanooga, Baby Arm Chair, Girls Inc.  A winning combination! Come join us in our fun and help the girls of Girls Inc at the same time! 

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Want to donate and give the session as a gift?

Or you can't make it in during that week?  Don't worry.  If you purchase a session by making a donation by Nov. 15, you may use it during the next year. 

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Come take a  apparatus class..for free!  Saurday, .....

Come take a  apparatus class..for free!  Saurday, .....

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    Help us welcome our new addition, our Baby.....